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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Montina Flour

Living in Montana I like to buy Montana products to support our state and small businesses. When I was looking for flours to replace wheat I ran across this flour. I have made a loaf of bread out of it using the recipe on the package it came out very nice, it tasted like wheat bread. There blend is white rice, tapioca and Montina. Montina is a Native American grass. The University of Montana has branch in Creston Montana about 25 miles from me, they grow and experiment there and that is where they started working to make the Montina. Currently they are working on grains to produce bio fuel.

I want to experiment with Montina and make it a stable flour in the house. For more about there flour click on the title and read there webpage. They also sell large bags on eBay.


Sheltie Girl said...

Kitty - The Amazing Grains folks have a cookbook that you can buy for around $5-$10 that has gluten free and gluten recipes. The collection is pretty good if you'd like to explore the scope of recipes using Montina.

I have used Montina in a variety of recipes from bread to cookies. My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is with Montina. You can find my recipe here:

Good luck with your experiments.

Sheltie Girl

elcarcaranenze said...

Hi, my name is Carlos and I am trying to buy Montina flour (Indian Rice Grass), and so far I have not being able to locate any place in the USA that will sale the Montina flour. Is it possible to get it? Anybody has an address or a store in Montana where I can buy it? Please help!!!